Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

TROX Chilled Beam
  • Two times cheaper electrical energy for ensured by 300 cubic meters water accumulator
  • Calculations based on outside temperatures of -16°C during winter and +33°C during summer and inside temperatures of 22,0±3,0°C for office spaces during all seasons
  •  Four pipe cooling/heat distribution system
  • Active chilled beams climatization technology ensuring energy savings and best of comfort without noise, tangible air flow or high temperature amplitudes. Active chilled beam technology for heating and cooling with 4-pipe heat exchanger providing centrally conditioned primary air (fresh air) to the room and use heat exchangers for additional cooling and/or heating. The primary air is discharged through nozzles into the mixing chambers; as a result of this, secondary air (room air) is induced via the induced air grille and passes through the horizontal heat exchanger, where it is heated or cooled. Primary and secondary air mix and are then supplied to the room horizontally through the supply air slots.
  •  Systems supplied by TROX, FLÄKT WOODS, SVEGON, LINDAB or equal
  •  Guaranteed fresh air flow of minimum 100 m3/h per person which is 140% the requirement for Class A.
  •  Free cooling.
  •  Redundant split systems for Server rooms.
  • Exhaust and compensation ventilation for all wet rooms, meeting rooms, kitchenettes, etc.
  • Chillers and equipment placed in the basement and on the roof with appropriate noise and vibration absorbers and insulation.

Low Voltage Electrical Utilities

Optical Cabling
Structural Cabling Cat 7
Floor LV and Power Box
Elevator access control and card system
  •  Option for 3 redundant internet providers
  •  Power supply and network connection including 3 power outlets Shuco (2 common and 1 reserved by diesel generator) and 1 receptacle RJ45 placed in floor boxes for 200 workplaces.
  • Optical cabling to every Server room
  • Computer network cabling Category 7
  • Full wireless coverage
  • Fire alarm system
  • Mass notification and Public announcement system
  •  Intrusion detection system
  • Access control system
  • Video surveillance system

Power Electrical Utilities

Reserved Electrical Supply – Diesel Generator
High Quality Led Lighting
  • High quality LED lighting all over the building
  • Minimum lighting of 500 Lux for all office areas
  • Two power transformers, 800 kVA, 20/10 / 0,4kV
  • Diesel generator covering:
  • All computer work places
  • Appropriate lighting for normal functioning of the building
  • All accidental system needs of the building – lighting, fire alarm, mass notification, public announcement, elevators evacuation, fire ventilation,
    intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance
  • All server rooms hardware and air conditioning
  •  Evacuation and accidental lighting
  •  Lightning protection and grounding
  •  Increased load capacity of the structure of server rooms


Schüco Facade System FW50+
Glazing Saint Gobain Glass Cool Lite Extreme
  • Full glazed energy saving curtain wall facade from floor to ceiling
  • Profile systems by Schüco
  • Glazing
  • South East and South West Facades
  • High selective Saint Gobain Glass
  • Stratophone PVB – innovative noise absorber included
  • Cool Lite extreme 60-28, Lt ( visible light transmission) – 54%
  • Outdoor reflectance – 16%, Indoor reflectance -19% g (infra red transmittance) – 26%, Rw (sound absorption) – 41 (-1;-5) dB – North West and North East Facades Saint Gobain Glass Planiclear, Lt ( visible light transmission) -72%,Outdoor reflectance – 16%, Indoor reflectance -16% g (infra red transmittance) – 52%, Rw (sound absorption) – 39 (-2;-5) dB
  •  Opening parts in two of the facades, option for opening parts in all facades
  • Triplex double laminated glazing for office areas
  • Duplex double laminated glazing for atria and ground floor
  •  UV rays protection
  •  Natural lighting to every workplace
  • Passive sun shades for roof glazing
  • Decorative steel grid


Elevators Schnidler 5500
Schindler 5500 PORT Control Triplex Elevator
Schnidler 5500 P.O.R.T. Technology
Schindler 5500 Panorama Duplex Elevator